So I’m starting this thing called Give it 100: the idea is to practice every day for 100 days at something. Duh.
Anyway, here are my first ten days, minus day 1 because I forgot to take a picture. :-) I’m on day 19 right now, so I’ll post the next ten in a few days! I really love to see how my style is evolving.

What I’d really like to learn is more comic style drawing. I’ve been practicing tutorials from around online. I think I’m usually too realistic looking, when I’m trying to be cartoony. I’d much rather know how to take a character and make him alive- like Calvin from Calvin and hobbes. So few lines- so much meaning! I want that. But I don’t know how to get there. I’m working on it, but meanwhile I keep drawing Ezra!

Annnnd.. then I thought it would be fun to design my own plus clothes.

I had just gotten this bamboo tablet and I really, really, couldn’t function with it. So I was thinking of how to practice with it. I was watching Project Runway, and I thought it would be fun to design an outfit for each challenge. AND I also thought it would be fun to do it plus size. Because there isn’t enough fun non moo-moo fashion for us normals.